Action Sports

Here at Piti_Pua Productions we love the thrill of action sports. The more adrenaline the better! That is why we are excited to produce a high quality video production for you, capturing the passion and dedication of your sport or event.

Films & Docs

What we love about films & Docs is the power to transmit a message and connect with others in a creative way. Piti_Pua Productions has all the necessary equipment to create your impressive film or doc. We not only benefit from a young professional team, but we have the latest technology in 4K HD cameras, audio and accessories available on the market today.

With a background in advertising we have all the knowledge and tools to promote your product or event. We have colaborated with many advertising companies creating commercials that have positively impacted their target audience. By creating clever and creative commercials, Piti_Pua Productions can establish brand trust.



If you are an artist, we understand the work-flow. Piti_Pua Productions has our own breed of artist that not only understands your creativity but knows how to work with you. Let us be that tool that transforms your audio masterpiece into a visual one.


Music Video


A picture is worth a thousand words. Make sure all those words are positive. With Piti_Pua Productions you can count on HIGH QUALITY PICTURES that will leave your audience wanting for more...



What is an epic video without a drone shot ?!?!. A not so epic video... Piti_Pua Aerial Division can make your video even more epic with our latest 4K Drone. With our background in extreme sports, trust Us... we are not afraid of pushing it to the limit!         

                                                                                                                              NOTE *(All our pilots are FAA Certified)


About Us

Piti_Pua Productions was founded by Alain Rochet, a cinematographer, video editor, creative director with over 10 years of professional experience with world renowned companies.  Even though we love working on corporate, film, comercial, documentaries and music videos, we are immensely passionate with everything involving extreme sports & adventure projects.

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Video Production Service

Filming // Editing // Animation // Photography 


Available for freelance and contract jobs

on location or at my studio.



San Juan, Puerto Rico 00926


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